Thursday, July 1, 2010

Teaching children age appropriateness

Posted by Dannielle McCleary at 9:41 AM
As a pagan mom I struggle with teaching my 6 yr old daughter age appropriateness. She is a very well read 6 yr old. Everyone who meets her thinks she acts much older than what she is. For example: We went to the grocery store and we went and looked at the paper backs and there was a Charlaine Harris book which I've already read. She sees the cover and says is that that True Blood story you watch on tv. I told her yes it is and she asks me why can't I watch that show. I explained to her that it wasn't appropriate at this time for her to watch it because she was to young and she says to me, Is that because they have naked people in it. I said yes that is one of the reasons why she shouldn't watch it. But there are other reasons why she shouldn't watch it especially all the different issues such as murder,sex,drugs and things most parents don't want their 6 yr old to know about.

So how do you teach your children age appropriateness? I believe in being completely honest with my daughter. Which is not always the easiest thing to deal with especially on topics that are way beyond age level. At a young age she wanted to know about boys and girls and why they were different. I actually drew pictures, we explained that girls have vaginas and boys have a penis. No they weren't exact pictures. But more internal pictures. She even went as far as to ask her dad to see his penis. Of course we declined that and said she was too young and when she was grown up a bit she would meet the right man and see her husbands. We even explained how women and men made a baby using exact terms with a little bit of age appropriateness. So how do I deal with this, Always tell your child the truth. But at the same time don't take away their innocence.

As a pagan mom, you want them to believe in Santa,( yes all though christmas isn't pagan we incorporate him in Yule)Faeries,Unicorns,and even trolls and gnomes. Believing is part of being a pagan parent. If they don't believe in the magickal creatures they will never believe in the god/dess. We as parents have to instill these beliefs for them to understand the world around them. Without belief where would we be as a society. Life would seem hopeless. So teaching appropriateness and instilling belief is our way of raising a child who acts like an adult. Which is what every parent wants for their child. To grow into spiritual adults who understand life is a magickal journey we just need to teach them at the appropriate time.


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