Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Lughnasadh!

Posted by Dannielle McCleary at 12:47 PM
I want to wish everyone a Happy Lughnasadh! Today is a day of harvesting whether it be in the garden or with your family bringing everyone together. So do something with the family. Or commune with nature. I would like to share this sweet kids ritual that gets everyone in the family involved. You add what's needed just a simple way to teach kids circle casting.

Kids Full Moon

Items needed: Paper to make homemade fans 2 per child.
Water guns
Plant of any kind

Smudge before entering circle

Starting in the East High Priestess casts circle walking Deosil

In the east Say:The birds fly on the wings of air. We ask air to join us.( With Paper fans flap like a bird letting the air flow around us)

Moving to the South: The warmth of fire and love surround us we ask fire to join us( Hug each other and feel the warmth of love of those around us)

Moving to the West: The coolness of water we feel, Water we ask you to join us.(Have a water gun fight)

Moving to the North: The earth gives us life, we ask earth to join us( Plant a flower)

The gods are everywhere we invite them the mother and the father to join us here in circle as mother and father of this family we ask that they give us wisdom to guide our own families. ( Father priest says)

Raise energy by playing "Dance My Children Dance"*. Everybody Dances! When the song ends we release the energy by laying on the ground and letting it go back into the earth. Explaining the dancing is a way to raise energy and sustain us through movement.

Now is the time of the full moon! Ask the kids what they want and write it down on the paper explaining what the gods can give us. Set paper into fire pit and let them watch as the smoke sends their prayers up to the gods.

Priestess says: The goddess gives us food to eat! Priest says: the god gives us drink to sustain us.
Pass out cookies and juice asking the child to give thanks to the goddess and god. (Hail and thanks)

Starting in the North: The earth has blessed us with life, Thank you for giving us life. (Hail and Farewell said by all)
Going to the West: The waters of life fill us and give us life, Thank you for giving us life.(Hail and Farewell said by all)
Going to the south: The fire of life fills us and gives us love and warmth. Thank you for giving us life.(Hail and Farewell said by all)
Going to the east: The air of breath fills us with life, Thank you for giving us life.(Hail and Farewell said by all)

The circle is cut walking widdershins and then we all feast.

In my tradition the full moon is when the children are welcomed into circle because at the New Moon is a time when the energies aren't always kind to young children. Change it as needed because we all know the full moon is passed but you can use it for anytime of the year.


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