Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What do Pagans look like?

Posted by Dannielle McCleary at 3:24 PM
My husband and I have been told we don't look like Pagans! But what does a pagan look like? Could be the old lady across the street, or the kid across town that you see every day. We don't look any different than you do. Most people when they see someone dressed in Gothic Dress assume that they are witches. But the majority of us look just like regular people. I force myself not to make preconceptions by someone else's opinions.

Teaching our daughter to not look at someone on the outside but getting to know them on the inside is our golden rule in our house. If you ask my 6 yr what is most important she will tell you it's what's on the inside that counts. This past year we had an incident at an Olive Garden. There was a woman who was about the same size as our daughter maybe a bit taller. Little Bit asked me why she was so short. I said go over and ask the lady why she is so small. The lady was nice enough to tell our daughter that she was born small and never got bigger. We encourage not to stare but by asking questions.

So what is the most important thing to know about what a pagan looks like? Just look around we are everywhere, your neighbors, the girl at the grocery store. We don't want to sacrifice you to the devil. We are mothers,fathers,sisters and brothers. And we want to practice our religion just like you do, we just do it in a different way. So remember when you teach your children about how to spot a pagan, there is no way to spot one. Just look inside yourself and get to know people and you might just find one of us, were everywhere.


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